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Bilingual Program

We started the English-Hungarian bilingual language program in one class in each grade in 2005. According to this dual language program the students have 5 English language lessons a week until the 8th grade, from which 1 lesson is taught by a native English speaker. This lesson is used for developing the communication skills. Besides, the pupils also learn certain subjects in English. The number of the lessons and the subjects learnt in English varies from grade to grade.

In the 1st and the 2nd grades the pupils have 1 Art, 1 Music and 2 Physical Education lessons in English,
In the 3rd and the 4th grades there are 2 Art, 2 Physical Education and 2 Science lessons in English,
In the 5th and 6th grades 2 Art and History of Art, 1 History and 1 English Culture and 2 Science lessons are learnt in English,
In the 7th and 8th grades the students study 2 Art and History, 1 History and 1 English Culture lessons in English.

1. Music Art      
2. Music Art      
3.   Art Sience    
4.   Art Sience    
5.   Hiatory of Art Sience History  
6.   Hiatory of Art   History English Culture
7.   Hiatory of Art   History English Culture
8.   Hiatory of Art   History English Culture

In the 1st grade the emphasis is laid on learning to read and write in Hungarian, so the young learners do not learn to read and write in English. They acquire English by playing games, singing songs, acting, rhymes and drawing.
It is essential that when we start to read and write in English, the pupils use this foreign language courageously and they love English.
From the 2nd grade reading and writing in English is also part of the lessons. The appropriate language learning habit and the regular preparation for each English lesson develop this year.
Our aim is that the pupils listen to and use English language as much as possible in the English language lessons and in the special English subjects (in the 1st and the 2nd grades it comes out altogether 9 lessons a week).
From the 3rd grade the learners begin to study more challenging subjects such as Science in the second language. Science is the lesson where the students apply the language, and the emphasis is on the use of the foreign language, not on the language teaching itself. In the 3rd and the 4th grades the number of the lessons learnt in English is altogether 10 during a week.
In the upper primary grades new subjects are introduced in the bilingual language program, furthermore, there are some subjects, which are taught in English after that as well (Science until the 6th grade and Art until the 8th grade).
From the 5th grade the students learn History of Art and History in English, while from the 6th grade English Culture joins the program. These subjects are part of the teaching until the end of the 8thgrade.
Through this bilingual language program it is achieved that the learners can have the opportunity to go on with their studies in a bilingual secondary school, what is more, their experiences and skills acquired in the first foreign language learning facilitate the learning of the second foreign language.